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Resources and Advisors

Minds@work has a panel of Resources and Advisors who are thought leaders in various fields like Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising, Sales & Distribution, HR, Finance, Operations etc.. These persons are either eminent academicians in premier Business Schools or professionals with enviable track records in Industry with hands on experience in their respective areas. With their expertise, they provide competencies for Minds@work in all areas of management.

Minds@work relies on their expertise and by doing so, ensures that Clients get the best Output for all Projects that we undertake.

Mechanical Engineer, MBA (IIM Bangalore)
Minds@work was founded by Satyanarayanan A K,  a Mechanical Engineer,
and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. A seasoned sales and marketing

Prof G Shainesh (B Tech, FPM ( IIM – Bangalore).....more
Ranjan Varghese ( MSc, PGDBM  (XLRI) ....more
N C Balakrishnan (B Tech ( Mechanical), PGDM ( IIM-Bangalore),
PhD (MG University) ....more
N Muthuraman (B Tech , PGDM (IIM – Bangalore)....more
Dr KV Subramaniam (B Tech, FPM ( IIM – Bangalore) ....more
Saju Eapen Thomas (B Tech, MBA ( FMS, Delhi)....more
Abraham George (BSc, Master of PM&IR, Rajgiri School of Social Sciences....more
CR Seetharaman (B Tech (IIT-B), PGDM ( IIM-Bangalore)....more
Jacob Perez MBA, (Osmania University)....more
Manoj Navalkar (B Tech,  PGDM ( IIM- Bangalore)....more
Prof Sam Thomas (B Tech, PGDM ( IIM Bangalore)....more
Hariharan Unni B Com, Diplomas in Supply Chain Management ....more
Sasikanth Prabhu Masters Degree in Applied Psychology....more

Resources with minds@work

Domain Knowledge: Minds@work is a company promoted by thoroughbred Sales and Marketing professionals with rich experience in key positions across various industrial verticals. Passionate about Marketing,  they are committed to  the clients business and bring unbridled enthusiasm and thoroughness into all  projects ensuring that the client gets an output un matched in accuracy and validity.

The Organisation is founded by Satyanarayanan A K (Satya). A brief profile of Satya is given separately.

Besides the full time staff, the company is well supported by a panel of advisors who are  experts in various fields like Research, Brand management, Advertising etc.. These persons are either eminent academicians in premier Business Schools or professional with enviable track records in Industry.

Brief profiles of our advisers given separately

The company is also expanding its  support staff  to ensure smooth Project delivery.

Top flight domain knowledge, well supported by technology. Ensuring that our resources match the clients Project requirements.









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